daq6510 数据采集和记录万用表系统 -凯发k8一触即发

daq6510 数据采集和记录万用表系统
daq6510 数据采集和记录万用表系统
daq6510 数据采集和记录万用表系统

daq6510 具有触摸屏用户界面,可在仪器上更快完成设置、实时监控测试状态以及分析详细数据,从而实现前所未有的简单性。

reduce your test setup, execution, and analysis time

set up and run a test simply and quickly without having to write a test program. the daq6510 data acquisition and logging multimeter system's intuitive touchscreen provides simple configuration with visual and intuitive test setups, real-time visualizations of scan status for catching problems early to avoid lost test time, and easy analysis of test data.


configure: setup a multi-channel scan with multiple measurement      functions using one measure and scan configuration menu.
run and monitor: display the progress of the scan during the test to      immediately see measurements out of range and limits exceeded.
analyze: display and analyze results using the plotting and      statistics functions. use the touchsceen's pinch and zoom capability to      study results in depth. use cursors to compute statistics on segments of the data.

make a wider range of measurements

the daq6510 is made to measure with 6½-digit resolution and 15 built-in measurement functions. make low-current, low-resistance, and temperature measurements, and see transient signals with the built-in digitizer.


voltage: 100 nv to 1000 v with 0.0025% basic dcv accuracycurrent: 10 pa to 3a
resistance: 1 µω to 120 mω
capacitance: 0.1 pf to 100 µf
temperature measurement with thermocouples, resistance temperature detectors, and thermistors from -200°c to 1820°c1 m sample/s, 16-bit digitizer with 7 million readings storage
have more options for test systems with 12 plug-in switch modules and up to 80-channel capacity


stream and log data to secure cloud-based data visualizations

now you can stream data from your daq6510 and create real-time iot dashboards and anywhere-accessible data visualizations


monitor and log data streams directly from the daq6510 in real-time and from anywhere - with no pc-in-the-middle required.

get e-mail and text alerts using triggers based on measurement thresholds and other mathematical rules.

access, visualize, archive, share, transform, and analyze current and historical data from anywhere - no install required.

create dashboards for standardization, repeatability, and readability.

overlay, time-dilate, and compare data sets across test runs


reduce test time

maximize the amount of data collected in the minimum amount of time. make faster measurements, switch channels faster, and scan more channels.


make measurements as short as 0.0005 power line cycles or 8.3 µs (10 µs) for 60 hz (50 hz) power lines.
scan at the rate of 800 channels per second with the solid-state multi-plexer plug-in switch module.
scan up to 80 2-pole channels for testing a statistically significant number of duts in a single test.


connect to your duts quickly and reliably
the daq6510 makes you more efficient before you even start testing with mass-terminated, d-sub connections on many of its plug-in switch modules. this minimizes downtime when changing plug-in switch modules during system maintenance or when you're setting up a new test system.


choose from a complete set of interface options
standard lan, lxi, and usb interfaces allow easy integration into your test system. optional, field-installable gpib and rs-232 interfaces include six digital i/o ports for direct instrument-to-instrument synchronization and communication. the daq6510 will work easily with any pc interface you choose.


fast pc automation with the kickstart data acquisition application
use the kickstart instrument control software to quickly program a data acquisition test on a pc. the software does not require programming; just enter a test setup using the menu screens. then visualize your results in tabular and graphical formats.



高达 80

12 个选项

1 m 采样/秒

us $2,020



1 m 采样/秒

us $2,520