cdn 3425 -凯发k8一触即发

cdn 3425

burst/eft coupling clamp

  • new design
  • complies with iec 61000-4-4 ed 2.0 2004
  • complies with iec 61000-4-4 ed 3.0 2012
  • safety cover with interlock
  • calibration kit per iec 61000-4-4 ed 3.0 2012


the cdn 3425 is teseq’s newly designed burst eft coupling clamp.

it replaces the earlier models cdn 8014 and cdn 8015.

the cdn 3425’s main purpose is to couple burst/eft pulses to data lines. it can also be used to couple to mains lines where no cdn is available; for example, high current lines >200 a.

this new design is fully compliant with the specifications of iec 61000-4-4 ed 2.0 2004, as well as with the draft of iec 61000-4-4 ed 3.0 to be published in 2012.

an ina 3425 calibration kit as specified in iec 61000-4-4 ed 3.0 2012 is available as an option.

an optional ina 3825 safety cover with interlock function to be connected to nsg 3000 series generators is also available.