cdn 3063a -凯发k8一触即发

cdn 3063a

three phase coupling/decoupling network series

  • compliant with iec 61000-4-4 & 5
  • fully automated burst, surge and ring wave coupling
  • safety hv plugs and terminals
  • manual/programmable eut power on/off control
  • output on frontside for external cdn for signal- and data lines
  • overload protection
  • low noise through temperature regulated fans


the cdn 3063a series are 3 phase coupling/decoupling networks designed to offer best price performance for use as extension to nsg 3060a multifunction generator series. with the nsg 3063a, the 1-phase nsg 3060a is enhanced to a cost-effective test system to cover anyone’s need for best budget. the coupler is characterized by a high level of user comfort and common safety functions. all coupling status are clear indicated on the display of the nsg 3060a generator.

the fully automated and iec compliant coupling networks fulfill the requirements for eut currents up to 32 a in the surge standard iec / en 61000-4-5, as well as the eft / burst impulses as per iec / en 61000-4-4 (latest edition for both standards). other versions available for 32 a - 63 a and 63 a - 100 a.

eut power on and off can be controlled manually from the nsg 3060a front panel. eut power will also switch off automatically in case of overload by heat. dedicated 4 mm banana safety eut terminals allow direct and easy eut connection, no specific adapter plugs are required.

high voltage safety plugs are used to interconnect the high voltage pulse output from nsg 3060a multifunction generator to cdn input. the hv impulse output on the front side offers a connection to additional cdn’s for signal- and data lines.

the cdn 3063a perform dynamic cooling. internal elements which warm up under load are equipped with thermal sensors. at standby or for lower eut currents, when there is no need for cooling, the fans will turn at a very low speed, generating no noise. in case of intentional or unintentional overloading, there will be a point where even full speed cooling will no more be sufficient, at this moment the cdn 3063a will switch off eut power through the built in eut power contactor, and so avoid destruction of the instrument (risk of fire). the cdn 3060a control electronics will also send a message back to the nsg 3060a which will immediately stop the firing of pulses.

the cdn 3063a is designed to cover the surge waveform standard as per iec 61000-4-5 and is able to conduct high inrush currents or peak loads.the phase synchronization is taken from the phase l1 of the 3-phase coupling 7 decoupling network. this important feature guaranties a correct coupling especially in synchronous mode.


three phase cdn

according to en/iec 61000-4-4 and en/iec 61000-4-5

burst voltage

up to 4800 v

surge voltage

up to 6600 v

eut supply

depending on model